Travelpro luggage

Of all the various makes of carry on luggage I have, the one I’ve taken most frequently on my numerous trips over the last two decades is Travelpro luggage. Next time you’re traveling and in an airport or on a plane, take a look at the flight attendants are using. The most frequent brand will be Travelpro. Ask them why they use it and they might answer “because it packs well” as one attendant told me. Durable and well designed, this is a quality brand that frequent flyers use.

There are a lot of different styles of Travelpro luggage that are appropriate for carry-on use. Lets go through some of the common categories.

Travelpro luggage 22″

A 22 inch rollaboard is a staple type of carryon for frequent travelers. I use a travelpro 22″ case as well, that’s expandable. One the outbound keep the expansion zipper closed, and on the return when have added in any gifts and souvenirs, open up the expansion zipper to add space. A 22″ case is the typical upper limit for the carry on size that’s allowed on most airlines (45 linear inches).

Travelpro rolling briefcase

Taking a business trip, and have to lug lots of folders and a laptop (or two) around the world? A rolling briefcase is another staple type of carryon luggage and a necessity for many business travelers. Here are some examples of rolling briefcases by Travelpro.

Travelpro rolling duffel

Rolling duffel bags are easy to pack, and when they have wheels they are easy to move around the airport as well. Here’s an example of a Travelpro rolling duffel. The 22″ size duffel is at the 45 linear inch mark, so appropriate for carry on in most cases.

Hope you enjoyed this review of some of the types of Travelpro luggage for carryon use. Stop by again and happy travels.