Rolling carry on garment bag

With the limit for a carry on being 45 linear inches on most airlines, most standard size garmet bags are too big for the overhead compartment and may not make it by the flight attendant as well. Here are some rolling garment bags which are carry on size for most airlines.

When looking for a garment bag it is important that it be well made, with durable wheels. I like a garment bag to have:

  • Numerous storage compartments,
  • Be able to fit multiple suits,
  • Be made of rugged and resiliant material,
  • Be lightweight,
  • Have very little rolling resistance.

Please note that many standard garment bags you might find online may be too big for check in. It’s important to check the dimensions of the bag before ordering and be sure they say for carry on. Best of luck in your search for a rolling carry on garment bag. Related searches include carryon garment bag, carry on garment bags, garment carry on bag, and carry on luggage garment bag.