Purple suitcase

Stand out from the crowd with a purple suitcase. A fairly rare color choice in carry on luggage, using this color of luggage may make it easier to identify your luggage on the baggage carousel, though I always recommend tying a colored piece of yarn on the suitcase handle and/or putting some unique stickers on your luggage to reduce the chance of a mix-up. Here are several examples of purple suitcases which can be found online.

One of the nice things about choosing a darker color like purple for luggage, whether carry on or for checking in, is that any wear and tear that might occur with use like scuff marks hopefully won’t be too visible. Beyond color, some other things to consider when selecting a purple suitcase is the size, type of wheels such as 2 directional wheels or the omni-directional spinner type, construction including hardshell, Polyester, leather, etc… Hope the page was of some assistance for finding the purple suitcase you’re looking for.