Light weight suitcase

Having a light weight suitcase can make a trip more enjoyable, especially if it’s being used as carry on luggage. Walking around a big airport from terminal to terminal carrying heavy luggage isn’t fun. So when selecting carry on luggage with wheels, suitcase weight is an important factor to consider. And a lightweight case can easily be a few pounds lighter than a more run of the mill carry on case. A light weight case also makes it easier to lift into the overhead bin when onboard the aircraft.

If the luggage is going to be checked in however, then getting a very light case might also mean that durability and quality of construction has been sacrificed / the durability may not be as high as a heavier, more substantial case. Given the sometimes rougher handling bags can go through when checked in, durability is important. So for luggage which will be frequently checked in, I typically go for heavier, strong suitcases. I’ve found that excellent, durable luggage meant for checkin can be found when travelling in Asia.

Good luck in your search for the right light weight suitcase for you.