Kids carry on luggage

Kids carry on luggage comes in a variety of styles and with a number of popular children’s character designs. With their own suitcase a child can participate in the trip preparation by packing some of their toys and perhaps snacks for the flight.

Here are some examples of a kids carry on bag in the […]

Rolling carry on garment bag

With the limit for a carry on being 45 linear inches on most airlines, most standard size garmet bags are too big for the overhead compartment and may not make it by the flight attendant as well. Here are some rolling garment bags which are carry on size for most airlines.

When looking for […]

Leather carry on luggage

Leather carry on luggage conveys a professional and stylish image, and as a material leather is typically durable as well. Being a natural material, luggage made of genuine leather is unique and distinctive. Below are some examples of leather carry on bags.

When selecting leather carry on luggage, one of the first […]

Light weight suitcase

Having a light weight suitcase can make a trip more enjoyable, especially if it’s being used as carry on luggage. Walking around a big airport from terminal to terminal carrying heavy luggage isn’t fun. So when selecting carry on luggage with wheels, suitcase weight is an important factor to consider. And a lightweight case can […]

Carry on luggage with wheels

There are several types of carry on luggage with wheels. Rolling duffels and roll-aboards / suiters being the most common. If taking two carry ons (say a suiter and a laptop case), having the larger one have wheels works out well, since the small bag can then ride on top of the bag with wheels. […]